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Updated Desert Rose References

Desert Rose: Avian is a very close friend.. and a very good fighter. We’re very lucky to have him.

Desert Rose: I don’t really have dreams anymore. I just relive everything that has happened…

Desert Rose: Aw thank you. I love my hair… except, it makes it hard to be stealthy in the desert… So I very often try to hide it. Besides, I prefer to keep it out of my face.

Desert Rose: I’ve been referred to many who could possibly help me. Medical’s best. Inventors Best. Both. So far, they’ve all said the same thing; My wing socket is way to warped and damaged. They’re all still looking for a solution, however…

((featuring HH ))

We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky

((but seriously, thank you all for following and asking all these fantastic questions. You’ve all helped my art improve so much. I adore wach and ever one of you~))

Desert Rose: Yeah… I suppose we are technically rebels… as for the Equestrian Military.. They’re not as strong as they seem~

Desert Rose: Supposedly… this village is in a prime location for a very powerful military base. They want to evict the Zebras so they can build their base. Its disgusting, and we just can’t let that happen.

Desert: Well… not exactly. We’re actually anti-military. We fight the Equestrian Military that tries to invade.


Well…I don’t know. I’m not the “gang-running” type. However, I’m in a..gang, of sorts. We’re a band of pegasi who bring supplies (mostly water) to less fortunate Zebra Tribes. We also protect them from military forces trying to take the land.